Best abstracts:

O13: Is self-anchoring suture technology safe? In-Vivo comparison with conventional sutures in regard to inflammation-fibrosis, migration, adhesion and stone formation
Yalcin S., Kibar Y., Gezginci E., Gunal A., Ozgok I.Y., Gozen A.S. (Agri, Ankara, Turkey; Heilbronn, Germany)

O23: Large percentage of potential TURP candidates: Mid-term results
Schonthaler M., Berges R., Amend B., Wetterauer U., Sievert K-D. (Freiburg, Cologne, Tübingen, Germany; Salzburg, Austria)

O40: MHealth: The use of portable video media versus standard verbal communication in the informed consent
Armijos Leon S.A., Rodriguez-Rubio Costadellas F., Rioja Zuazu J., González Caballero J.L., Sanchez Barrios V., Rebelo Cadena I. (Puerto Real, Zaragoza, Cádiz, Spain; Guildford, United Kingdom)

O46: Upper urinary tract urothelial tumours targeted with biodegradable drugeluting stents
Barros A., Browne S., Oliveira C., Duarte A.R., Reis R., Healy K., Lima E. (Barco, Braga, Portugal; Berkeley, United States of America)

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